Aquavia | Barcelona | Hot Tub

The four-seater Barcelona spa has a sophisticated design, a full massage circuit and a multitude of premium finish details that make it a highly sought-after object of desire.

Spa Description

Its modern lines, with a square base and two loungers, will ensure that a couple that just wishes to kick back can do so in maximum comfort or tone up their muscles with the 28 jets and 10 air nozzles using the multiple massage circuits available.

Aquavia Spa’s Exclusive range is designed to give maximum pleasure, performance and energy efficiency.

With a unique design, the spas in the Exclusive range have a number of advanced features.

Thanks to the Colour Sense and Pure Line Lighting systems, your spa will become a decorative feature.

Fully equipped spas designed for the most demanding customers.

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Spa Size

Measures 230 x 230 x 90
Seats 4 Persons