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The Fitness Spa is the most compact swimspa on the market. It has a large bathing space and a complete hydromassage area. At 4 metres long and 2.3 metres wide, it is spacious but compact hot tub: an all-in-one product.

It has two different areas:

– A hydromassage area.

– A spacious bathing area.

Spa Description

The standout option for the Fitness hot tub, is the Fitness pack, which consists of:

· Pole and harness: an accessory for swimming. This accessory is easily installed on the surface of the hot tub. This means that you can swim comfortably without having to worry about moving forwards.

· Elastic bands: an accessory to perform various fitness exercises. These are installed using the hot tub’s stainless steel bars.

· Oars: an accessory to exercise the upper torso area. This consists of two oars installed on the wall of the hot tub, with elastic bands that allow you to adjust the tension.

The Aquavia Premium Swimspas have been designed to deliver high levels of performance and quality, all of which is combined with a modern and impressive style.

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Spa Size

Measures 400 x 230 x 138
Seats 4 persons