Aquavia | Sunset | Hot Tub

The Sunset Spa is a model suitable for 4 users. It has plenty of space inside, six positions with different massages and all of the features, quality and guarantees of our Premium range.

Spa Description

The tub has been carefully designed down to the last detail: the Spa has 6 different positions, allowing you to complete a full hydromassage circuit. The Spa is equipped with a total of 66 jets, meaning that it can treat every part of the body: back, arms, legs and feet. The air massage provided by the 12 air nozzles allows the back muscles to relax, providing a feeling of relaxation and release.

The Aquavia Premium spas has been designed to deliver high levels of performance and quality, all of which is combined with a modern and impressive style.

Each of the positions has been created to become a unique massage space. The spa’s ergonomic shape allow the body to fit perfectly during spa sessions. The massage jets have been strategically placed to give you the best possible sensations.

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Spa Size

Measures 216 x 216 x 90
Seats 6 persons