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Project Description

(Inverter Driven Heat Pump)

This award winning low salinity hydrolysis Riviera pool incorporates a wonderful vanishing edge that overlooks a stunning Cotswold backdrop, it was completed in 2016. The pool measures at 20 x 4.70 metres and is 1.5 metres deep. The contemporary, large format grey granite paving provides Class C grip and the pool interior is finished with a natural carnauba wax polish.

The pool comes complete with a polycarbonate solar-slated cover, saving energy and reducing running costs. The pool is heated with Air Source technology and a particular feature of the specified heat pumps is the inverter driven technology, regulating output speeds to meet demand. This invertor technology also minimises the electrical surge at start up, reducing strain on the household electrical supply.

(Subterranean Plant)


This pool water treatment system uses an activated glass filtration system that outperforms the more traditional sand filter methods. Channelling of the filter media is virtually eradicated and turbidity reduced to provide impeccably crystal clear water. Filtration is further enhanced by the “DAISY” (Dryden Aqua Integrated System) DA Gen Plus system, which utilises low salinity hydrolysis and electrolysis to provide a constant chlorine level of around 0.2 mg/l. This system saves on water loss from backwashing and therefore saves on the energy costs associated with heating of top up water. For more information on this, please view the DAISY educational video by clicking here.

This build also included the construction of a subterranean plant so all maintenance can be dealt with below ground and away from eye level. We also installed underground WiFi so pool levels can be monitored remotely with alerts set up for any significant changes.