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Project Description

(Stream runs next to pool)

This pool is the product of a major refurbishment of an existing Victorian pool in 2013. The pool now measures 12 metres x 4 metres and was renovated using reinforced concrete methods. The pool is finished with a coloured Marbelite render; a natural stone product which is polished until smooth to touch. The hopper profile provides water depths from 1.00 meter at the shallow end to 2.00 meters at the deep end.

The pool sits in very natural surroundings, with sycamore trees and shrubbery overhanging the area. The pool has a running stream adjacent to its edge that makes for a stunning and therapeutic feature. However, this moving water can conduct heat away from the pool so we had to be sensitive to the water conditions that surrounded the area during the design and refurbishment process.

(Aquatrac fabric safety cover)


The pool comes complete with a fabric safety cover. This is great for family pools and offers safeguarding and protection. The cover will prevent someone from falling in due to its immense and reliable strength. The covers pull cords are fabricated from high tensile stainless steel stranded wire, far out performing standard rope used in other covers. Its pulley wheels, brackets and fixings are all stainless steel and corrosion free.

This family pool is used extensively from Mid April through to Mid October and is heated with an air source heat pump.