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Project Description

This project was an eco-finish refurbishment carried out in 2014. The pool measures 11 metres x 4 metres and has an average depth of 1.6 metres.

The pool adapts a low maintenance salt chlorinated system that has several health advantages over standard chlorine pools. It uses electrolysis to release chlorine gas from salt in the water meaning there’s no need for transporting, storing and adding chlorine to the pool. Our engineer can be seen giving the pool a routine check and the water sanitation was maintaining itself perfectly.

We also installed a polycarbonate cover that has a black underside designed to absorb the suns natural heat into the pool. This can prove to give our clients huge savings on energy costs when heating the pool to their desired temperature.

The pool has a black perle noir finish giving the water a sophisticated navy glow, Pablo the puppy is still trying to work out if he should jump in!