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New MLine Pool arrived in England!

The pool arrived at the site on Wednesday afternoon ready for an early lift on Thursday morning. The pool looked fantastic wrapped in its tarpaulin, and attracted a lot of attention on it’s route through the estate.

The crane was positioned ready for the arrival of the pool, which was down a narrow entrance drive. The pool was then lifted over the house to the back of the property where a pre-cast slab had been prepared for the pool to sit on.

The lift was slow and steady and nervous for all watching as it slowly was lowered into its final resting place, fitting like a glove.

The edge lip of the overflow was then laser levelled to find that out that it was within 1mm along the whole 13m length of infinity edge! The pool builders where extremely pleased with the results.

Find a few pictures below including the Rio Pools engineers – left to right Lee, Mat, Wayne and Geordie.