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5ooft high swimming pool? It’s enough to make your head swim!


Sky Swimming Pool

Photo: marketsquaretower/Instagram

We’ve seen our fair share of swimming pools over the years at Rio Pools, the basic, the ornate, the infinity, fashions change and people are always asking for new things, but have you ever seen anything quite like this?

In downtown Houston, Texas, a block of luxury flats named Market Square Tower offer their residents something that we definitely haven’t seen in Gloucestershire yet– a sky pool.

It is more or less, exactly as it sounds. If you can imagine an enormous tower block with a swimming pool jutting out over the side, you’ll be close.
Oh, and we forgot to mention, the floor is completely made of glass.

The swimming pool is a hefty 500ft above the pavements below, and extends 10ft over the side of the apartments. It gives a completely surreal sensation of floating, supported by a comforting 8” layer of Plexiglass under your feet.

Thrill-seeking residents step into the pool, and seemingly float over the busy street hundreds of feet below.

“Let the world melt away as you relax and unwind” says the MST website.

We can’t say that we’re completely with them on the relax and unwind part yet, but then you never know, being suspended 500ft in water might be exactly what’s needed after a long day in the office. You don’t know until you’ve tried it.

So, Gloucestershire, watch out. We haven’t had anyone in the team volunteer to go out to Texas to try the pool yet, and we can’t confirm we’ll be building one any time soon. But who knows, what the customer wants, the customer gets. Watch this space, but just don’t look down…

View the video below